Made in Austria

Using leading local Austrian products and know how we are providing our services to individuals, small businesses and large scale enterprises all over the world.

Long Term Expierience

LANsolutions was founded in early 1998 and soon turned in a sucessful company. Long term expierience and continous training to keep our high level of knowledge make us your number one choice as preferred partner.

IT validation services for the health and nutrition industry.

Companies in the medical, pharmaceutic, cosmetic and nutrition business have to comply with multiple local, national and international regulations from FDA, WHO, PIC/S and many more authorities to sucessfully sell their products and gain market shares ...

... we can help you to achieve these goals!


We offer:

  • GAMP® and CSV consulting

  • ITIL® and ITSM consulting

  • Auditing services

  • SOP development

  • ISEC consulting

  • Management and user training

  • Providing:

  • Validation and Compliance

  • Security and Risk Mitigation

  • Performance and Reliability

  • Relaxing Inspections

  • Which helps you:

  • Gain more market shares